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FirePop! works on Firefox as extension and translates words on the web page only by clicking the right mouse button with Alt-key.

To use FirePop!, it is required to install PDIC/Unicode(Ver.5.7.49 or later) Windows application and dictionary which can be used in PDIC.

What's PDIC?

PDIC is a powerful dictionary utility software, which can search the words in many way, such as incremental search, pop-up window, full text search with also regular expression and so on. Moreover you can add new words in the dictionary and share the dictionary on the Internet almost realtime.

PDIC is abbreviated form "Personal Dictionary". It was originated in 1990, it is very long run software in Japan.


- Clicking right mouse button with Alt-key on the web page, a window will pop-up. You can see the translation or related information of the clicked word in the window.

- Moving mouse on the web page, the related information will be showed in the PDIC main window. You can get the information you want very easy. To enable this, check the menu item on Tools - FirePop! - Incremental Search.


It is required three steps to complete the installation.

1. Download and install FirePop! extension. (If you have not installed yet.)

2. Download(PDICU-5.x.xx-ENG-setup.exe) and install PDIC. (This is beta version. Unfortunately the help and some part of PDIC are still in Japanese. We are now translating.)

cf. Japanese version is also available PDIC/Unicode Ver.5.12.x. This relese is stable.

3. Launch PDIC, select "File - Dictionary Wizard", select "Install dictionary", push "Select a dictionary from the server", and follow the messages on the dialogs.

Note - If you installed the Wiktionary, the dictionary is empty at first. When you search some words, the dictionary will grow little by little.

Change to the FireFox, Click the right mouse button with ALT-key, PDIC will popup the word you want to know!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a mail here.